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Low Carb Support – 8 Week Group

Our next 8 week Low Carb group for patients starts on Thursday 28 February 2019.

Taking place upstairs at Tower Hill Community Centre from 6pm to 7pm, this 8 week group is a focused course helping anyone transition to a low carb lifestyle.

Patients who are pre-diabetic or who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes may feel the benefit of adopting a low carb lifestyle. Also anyone looking to lose weight and improve their body composition may find that low carb really helps.

The 8 week course is a focused group for up to 20 patients. Patients must commit to all 8 weeks in order to join and will be motivated, inspired and educated by a number of guest speakers and low carb experts.

Patients of the practice who have attended previous low carb sessions have significantly reduced their HbA1c levels with some even technically ‘reversing’ their diabetes.

The 8 week course will help patients to understand more about the lifestyle and why it works. It will help those with diabetes self-manage their condition and also provide a safe and supportive community for attendees to commit to a lifestyle change.

We are holding two diabetes awareness information sessions ahead of the 8 week course for anyone curious about attending. We will be joined by Andy Bishop, a local type 2 diabetic who adopted a low carb diet and reversed his diabetes. Andy now tours different GP practices speaking about his experiences and he will enlighten attendees with his engaging talks.

Diabetes awareness sessions will take place on;

Thursday 14 February, 10-11am at Tower Hill Community Centre
Thursday 21 February, 6-7pm upstairs at Tower Hill Surgery

To register your attendance at one of the sessions or find out more about the 8 week Low Carb group, please email gemma.ray@knowsleyccg.nhs.uk

Dr Maassarani & Partners Launches eConsult For Same Day Appointment Requests

Dr Maassarani & Partners is excited to announce that we have launched eConsult – the online consultation software that gives patients a response from their GP within *3 hours.

What is the current problem?

It is no secret that GP Practices face increasing pressure to help patients get the right medical advice they need, as quickly as possible.  It is also no secret that a number of patients on a daily basis are asked to call back the next day due to the unavailability of appointments, therefore creating a backlog for the practice and dissatisfaction amongst our patient population.

At Dr Maassarani & Partners we have found that 65% of patients who had a face-to-face appointment with a GP did not require one and could have been managed remotely, i.e. they did not need to come into practice to see a GP to have their query/problem resolved.

Therefore, in order to ensure we meet the ever increasing demand and needs of our patients whilst ensuring resources are utilised appropriately, we need to change the way we deliver care.

We want to challenge the status quo and provide a more efficient service that enables patients who request medical advice to receive that advice on the same day.

How are we going to improve access?

From Monday, 14 January 2019, we will aim to provide patients, who request a same-day appointment, the appropriate medical advice they need from their GP within *3 hours. We aim to achieve this by using a NHS approved online platform called eConsult which patients can access through our practice website www.mazmedical.nhs.uk

We will only improve access and the services we provide with the help and support of our patients.

*when an eConsult is received between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. All eConsults received after 3:30pm will be processed from 8am the next working day.

What is eConsult?

eConsult is an evidence based online platform that enables patients to request medical advice from their GP by simply undergoing an online consultation.  During the online consultation patients may be provided with advice for self-help or for them to contact other services to receive the care that aligns with their symptoms. For example, the patient may be signposted to a pharmacy for minor ailments or emergency services for signs of critical illness.  Patients can submit an eConsult for a condition they have of which they want advice on (e.g. heart disease) or a new condition.

How are we going to use eConsult?

We have already been using eConsult, responding to patients prior to 6:30pm the following working day, and have had excellent feedback from patients and GPs. From Monday 14th January 2019 patients who request a same day appointment will be asked to complete an eConsult; our pledge to patients will be for us to respond to their request within a *3 hour period.

For patients who may not be in a position to complete an online consultation (e.g. those who do not have internet access, no available data, restricted vision, a learning disability or those carers calling on behalf of patients) we will offer a ‘call-back’ from a specially trained member of our administration team after 10:30am.

Our administrator will call patients back after 10:30am and ask questions about their condition/query.  These questions are generated by the online consultation software.  The administrator will submit the form on the patients’ behalf.

If a GP feels that a patient needs a face-to-face appointment then they will contact the patient within *3 hours and invite them in for an appointment that same day.  For many medical queries (approximately 65%), the GP can and will complete the patient request remotely and/or during a telephone encounter within *3 hours of submitting an eConsult.

What are the benefits to patients?

Patients will:

  • not have to wait in a long telephone queue to request an appointment at 8am
  • not be told to ‘call back tomorrow’ as eConsult provides an option for a rapid response from their GP
  • Capture illness sooner – no waiting days for an appointment to get an important diagnosis
  • receive medical advice 24/7 via eConsult’s self help online services
  • Patients have their symptoms remotely assessed by their own family GP and contact within *3 hours potentially without the need to visit the surgery in person
  • Patients won’t necessarily have to take time off work or use holiday entitlement for the sake of a 10 minute GP consultation

We are confident that eConsult will significantly improve patient experience at Dr Maassarani & Partners. eConsult is used in over 640 NHS practices and used by over 6 million people throughout the UK and has demonstrated high patient satisfaction and excellent outcomes.

We hope you will join us in supporting this significant service improvement that we know will greatly benefit our patient population and give them access to their GP when they need it most.

We would welcome any comments and feedback regarding eConsult and further service improvements. Please email MG.Communications@knowsleyccg.nhs.uk

Please take the time to view a video from our managing partners explaining eConsult and why we are certain that eConsult will help give patients quicker access to their GP.

Kind regards,

Dr Maassarani & Partners

0151 902 0010


Late Night Flu Clinics & WIN £100 this Winter

Public Health England is encouraging all eligible patients to take advantage of their free flu vaccination at their GP practice.

Flu vaccination uptake is lower across the UK than last year. Last year’s flu season was the worst since 2010 with three times as many flu related deaths as the previous year.

With Christmas approaching, patients are being asked to visit Dr Maassarani & Partners at Melling or Tower Hill and pre-book for a 5 minute flu vaccination appointment or drop in to receive the vaccination.

Late Night Flu Clinic

6:30 – 8pm

MON 17 Dec – Melling Surgery
TUE 18 Dec – Tower Hill Surgery

Christmas is a time when the influenza virus is likely to spread rapidly. As families come together to celebrate the festive period, the flu virus is passed from person to person. Children are the biggest group who carry the virus and those at risk including the elderly, pregnant women and those with a long term health condition are most likely to become infected.

Early indications suggest the vaccine will be more effective this year because it is well-matched to the predominant strain circulating. This is thought to be Influenza A H1n1 virus more commonly known as swine flu. Different vaccines are approved for use in different age groups. This year’s trivalent vaccine has been specially designed to protect the over 65s. It is an enhanced vaccine introduced for the first time this year which contains ingredients to give better protection.

However, despite the early indications of increased effectiveness, figures show that uptake of the vaccine among pregnant women and those over 65 who are at a higher risk of flu complications, is lower than last year.

Only 40% of pregnant women and 65% of over-65s have been vaccinated across the UK so far. The risk for pregnant women is highest in the last 3 months of pregnancy.

Children are not only in the ‘at risk’ group but also represent the group most likely to carry the virus and pass onto other members of the public.

Patients eligible for a free flu vaccination can benefit from flu appointments available all day every day from 8am to 6:30pm. There are two special late night clinics taking place this coming week.

Monday 17th December 18:30 – 20:00 at Melling Surgery
Tuesday 18th December 18:30 – 20:00 at Tower Hill Surgery

You can pre-book an appointment by calling us on 0151 902 0010 or drop in to the late night clinics.

Please share this message with friends and family. Help us help you this winter and get your free flu vaccine before Christmas.

For everyone visiting our flu clinics this winter, there is a special draw to win £100 shopping voucher of your choice. Get your raffle ticket from reception after your flu vaccination to be entered into the draw.

Breast Screening

Breast Screening for patients of
Dr Maassarani & Partners starts Monday 10th December 

It is a shocking statistic that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Detected early, breast cancer can be treated effectively with a good chance of recovery.

Breast screening is the best way of detecting breast cancer early. It uses an x-ray called a mammogram to detect early signs that might not ordinarily be picked up by sight or touch during a breast examination. It is important to note that there are some risks associated with breast screening. You can read about them here. Breast screening involves your breasts being firmly but gently placed between two screening plates. This has been likened to the sensation of having your blood pressure checked and is less painful than a blood test. You will be screened discreetly by a female radiographer who will put you at ease and answer any questions you may have.

The likelihood of getting breast cancer increases with age so all women in England aged 50 to 70 are invited for breast screening. In our area, some women aged 47 – 49 and those over 70 may also be invited as part of a trial extension of the programme.

Donna, Tracey and Jackie from Breast Mates, Huyton explain how screening saved their lives

How do I book my screening?

If you haven’t received an appointment letter to attend breast screening at St Chad’s in Kirkby this December, you can contact the breast screening team directly at Broadgreen Hospital on 0151 282 6920. They will help arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.

Useful links

What happens during breast screening

Breast screening – why it is offered

Breast screening – your results

Symptoms of breast cancer

Breast screening and breast cancer – FAQs

Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Last month we got together for Breast Cancer Awareness and had an in-surgery Pink Party.

Pink Party at Dr Maassarani & Partners
Pink Party at Dr Maassarani & Partners
Pink Party at Dr Maassarani & Partners
Pink Party at Dr Maassarani & Partners

Breast Cancer Awareness Month happens each year during October and is a chance to fundraise for vital breast cancer research, while also ensuring that women are breast aware.

Checking Your Breasts

Image result for monthly self breast examination

Examining yourself every month helps you get to understand how your breasts usually feel and you can check for any lumps or changes each month thereafter.

If you ever notice a change in your breasts and you are concerned, speak to your GP.

The Big Help/Care Merseyside Food Club

Sign up days – Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th November

At Tower Hill Community Centre 09:30am – 13:30pm

We are absolutely over the moon to be able to announce that in partnership with The Big Help, something really special is coming to Tower Hill.

The Big Help Food Club is a brand new community shopping scheme that gives Food Club members access to high quality food and drink for a weekly subscription. Open to members only, with membership limited to 100 local people, The Big Help Food Club costs £3.50 per week in return for a minimum of £15 worth of high quality fresh food.

With fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy produce and frozen, tinned, boxed foods plus toiletries and household goods, local people will be able to make huge savings on their weekly shopping.

The Big Help Food Club will operate on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and members will have a choice which day works best for them each week. Our kitchen will be open and our volunteers will be making refreshments while you wait to shop. The scheme is already in operation in Bootle and is making a huge difference to local people.

To register your interest in becoming a member of the Food Club, please attend our membership sign up days on Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th November 09:30am – 13:30pm at Tower Hill Community Centre (at the front of the surgery).

If you can’t attend but want to register your interest in becoming a member, contact Cathy Connolly on cathy@caremerseyside.org.uk or call/text 07841 042032.

An example of some of the food options at The Big Help Food Club

New Phone Number at Dr Maassarani & Partners

From Monday November 5 2018, the phone number for Dr Maassarani & Partners will change to:

0151 902 0010

Please make a note of this new number, save it on your phone or change in your contacts book.

May we take this opportunity to remind you of the different ways in which you can access appointments and the different clinicians who are able to help you in your surgery.

Online Appointments


You may not even need to call the surgery with online appointments. Have an online appointment with your GP using the new eConsult system (launching on November 5th). Click on our homepage www.mazmedical.nhs.uk  fill out an online consultation form and you will get a response back from your GP by 6:30pm the next working day.

Image result for patient access logo

You can also book appointments online using Patient Access. This is the NHS app and website that links to our system for routine appointments only. If you haven’t yet registered for Patient Access, please email us at tower.hill@nhs.net so we can set you up with a login.

On the day appointments

If you are unwell and need urgent medical advice on the same day, we have a number of same-day appointments for urgent medical needs that are released at 8am.

There are two ways you can access these appointments:

1) By calling us on the phone on our new number 0151 902 0010 and speaking with a member of our team in confidence. They will be able to get you the right appointment with the right clinician for your medical problem (subject to appointment availability).

2) By using the NHS online booking system called Patient Access from your phone, tablet or computer. If you have not yet registered for Patient Access, please email tower.hill@nhs.net and our team will be able to set you up on the system.

When you call the surgery in the morning, our helpful team will ask for a brief reason for your medical problem so that they can ensure you’re seen by the right clinician for the right duration time.

On the day telephone appointments

We now offer same-day urgent telephone appointments with a clinician for some patients, depending on the medical problem you are experiencing. If you would prefer a telephone consultation, please let us know when you call.

Our clinicians will call you back during the morning before 11:30am. They will attempt to call you twice. Your clinician will attempt to resolve your medical query over the phone, however they may invite you into surgery later in the day if they feel they need to see you face-to-face.

*Please note, if you do have a telephone consultation booked, please keep your phone on so we can get through. We understand in the past our telephone consultations have come from ‘No Caller ID’ numbers. From November 5th, the phone number will be clearly displayed so you will know it is us calling you.

When there are no appointments left

Unfortunately, appointments with your GP surgery are allocated on a first-come first-served basis and prioritised by medical need. This is why we ask for a brief reason for your appointment, to make sure we are able to get you seen as quickly as possible with the right clinician. You may be advised to seek medical help from your local pharmacist, walk-in centre or even advised to visit your local Accident and Emergency department at your nearest hospital.

During the winter months you can request an ‘Extended Access’ appointment on an evening or weekend. Find out more here: http://www.mazmedical.nhs.uk/2018/09/28/extended-access-late-night-weekend-gp-appointments/

Routine advance appointments

We try and book routine appointments no more than 14 days in advance due to the very high number of DNA (Did Not Attend) appointments. Every person who does not attend their appointment takes a valuable appointment space up for someone who may genuinely need it.

You can book routine appointments by:

1) Calling our team AFTER 11am, Monday to Friday on the new number 0151 902 0010

2) Speaking to our receptionist when you are in surgery

3) Using Patient Access online booking system

4) Calling our 24hr automated telephone appointment system by calling our new number 0151 902 0010 and selecting option 1

5) Your doctor or clinician may book in a further follow up appointment during your consultation

Annual health check appointments

If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, asthma, COPD or you have been diagnosed with cancer, dementia or mental health condition you are asked to attend an annual health check during your birthday month. You will receive a letter with specific appointment booking instructions and the phone number for our annual health check team.

Clinicians at your GP practice

Many patients don’t realise that you don’t necessarily need to wait for an appointment with a GP to get the medical help you need.

At Dr Maassarani & Partners we have a team of highly skilled and trained clinicians in various roles including:

  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Nurse Clinician
  • Practice Nurse
  • Health Care Assistant

This is why we ask for a brief reason for your appointment, so we can get you seen promptly by the right clinician for the right appointment duration.

Kind Regards,
Dr Maassarani & Partners

0151 902 0010

In other news:

Flu Season – are you eligible for your FREE flu vaccination?

Extended Access – help us help you this winter with evening and weekend appointments http://www.mazmedical.nhs.uk/2018/09/28/extended-access-late-night-weekend-gp-appointments/

Big Help Food Club launches on Tuesday November 6th – get £15-£20 of high quality fresh food for just £3.50 a week

Extended Access – Late Night & Weekend GP Appointments

Did you know you can get a GP appointment in the evening and at the weekend?

Patients in Knowsley are able to benefit from extra GP appointments during normal surgery hours, in the evening and at the weekend.

The appointments are available in locations across the borough and we will aim to book you in at the most convenient time and location for you.

The appointments are available at:
Nutgrove Villa in Huyton
Kirkby Primary Care Resource Centre
Halewood Primary Care Resource Centre
Whiston Primary Care Resource Centre

Opening times vary between locations but overall Extended Access is available from 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday and 10am – 8pm Saturday and Sunday.

To book an Extended Access appointment, ring us on 0151 244 4001, quote ‘Extended Access’ and a member of our helpful team will assist you.

Cervical Screening at Dr Maassarani & Partners

The aim of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme is to reduce the number of women who develop cervical cancer and reduce the number who die from it.

Since the screening programme was introduced in the 1980s, the number of cervical cancer cases has decreased by about 7% each year.

All women who are registered with a GP are invited for cervical screening:

• aged 25 to 49 – every 3 years
• aged 50 to 64 – every 5 years
• over 65 – only women who have recently had abnormal tests

Trans men who still have a cervix and are still registered as female with a GP will also be invited for cervical screening. Trans men who are registered as male will need to let a GP or Practice Nurse know so they can organise the test. For more information, read: Should trans men have cervical screening tests?

Women over 65 who have never been for cervical screening can have the test. Ask a GP or Practice Nurse for more information.

Being screened regularly means any abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix can be identified at an early stage and, if necessary, treated to stop cancer developing.

Cervical screening isn’t 100% accurate and doesn’t prevent all cases of cervical cancer, but it’s the best way to pick up any abnormal cells that could later turn into cancer.

Screening is a personal choice and you have the right to choose not to attend. To help you make an informed decision, please click the booklet below to download the latest guide published by the NHS.

Book your cervical screening direct with our team.
Call 0151 244 4595

Zero Suicide Alliance FREE Training

Monday, September 10th 2018 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Staff from Dr Maassarani & Partners attended a recent launch of a brand new suicide prevention training scheme created by the Zero Suicide Alliance and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust to raise awareness of suicide prevention.

A brand new 20 minute online course is available to anyone, with Dr Maassarani & Partners encouraging staff and patients to undertake the training.

The online training will advise you on the steps (see, say, signpost) you can take if ever you find yourself in a situation where someone you know starts talking about suicide. Please take the time to complete the online training – it really could help you to save a life.

Take a look at Wayne’s story as told to the Zero Suicide Alliance:

If you need help or if you are worried about someone else, you can speak to your GP or seek immediate help from:

Samaritans – a national registered charity with local branches, available around the clock. Freephone: 116 123 or visit the Samaritans website.

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably – a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK. Phone: 0800 58 58 58 or visit the CALM website.

Knowsley CAMHS Services offers advice and support for people aged up to 18 and can help with lots of problems or worries such as if you’re feeling depressed, not enjoying food, feeling panicked or scared, having trouble concentrating, or having problems with your family life. Find out more by calling 0151 489 6137.

Kooth provides online and face to face counselling, information, advice and support for young people in secondary schools. Find out more on Kooth’s website.

AMPARO – support after suicide – offering advice and support around suicide prevention as well as support to adults, children and young people affecting by suicide. Find out more by calling 0330 088 9255, emailing referrals@listening-ear.co.uk, visit the Listening Ear website or follow on Twitter.

SOBS (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide) – meeting the needs and overcoming the isolation experienced by people over the age of 18 who have been bereaved by suicide. Find out more by calling 0300 111 5065, emailing support@hotmail.com, visit the website or follow on Twitter.