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Important Changes to the Ordering of your Repeat Prescriptions

Please see the important announcement from Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group regarding the changes to ordering repeat prescriptions. These changes will begin from April 1, 2018.

Please make a note of how you can order your prescriptions from April.

Did you know? You can order repeat prescriptions online via Patient Access, the NHS 24 hour online system. If you have not yet registered for online Patient Access, please contact us here


What is changing?

The way the majority of patients order their prescriptions is changing, with the majority (not all) of patients expected to order their own medications directly with their GP practice.

What is NOT changing?

If you order your medication direct with your GP practice either in person or online nothing will change for you – continue to order in this way.

If you have your prescription collected from GP practice and/or delivered to your door this will not change.  This is something that community pharmacy offer to you as a patient – but we would advise you to contact them once you’ve ordered your medication to inform them so they know to collect, and for some patients, deliver your medications.

* You may be exempt from the changes if your community pharmacy already order for you and you receive one of the following:

– A blister pack

– A special order item

– Consider yourself unable to manage for medical reason (and have no family, friends or carers to support you), your own medications.

* contact your community pharmacy to discuss.

What do I need to do?

From the date stated on the letter from your GP practice you will have to order your own repeat prescription either in person at your surgery or via online services (and possibly over the phone for some patients).

Why is this happening?

Many commercial third parties (including community pharmacies) don’t contact patients in a timely manner before ordering medications on their behalf, with some not contacting patients at all.  This is a risky process which has resulted in inappropriate medication requests, caused GPs issues with increased queries, and has led to patients receiving old medications and excess stocks.

Supporting Information:

Many patients don’t know that their community pharmacy is only informed of changes to their medications if the patient chooses to tell them – it doesn’t happen automatically.

If a patient has an appointment somewhere other than their GP practice it takes several days for their GP to be informed of any recommended changes to the patients medications – it doesn’t happen instantly.

Many patients don’t know that once a medication leaves a pharmacy it can’t be reused for another patient.  Even if the medication hasn’t been opened and is still in date it has to be safely destroyed as the quality can’t be assured.

There is currently an estimated £1.5m – £2million of medications prescribed but never taken in Knowsley each year.  This could be down to patients not wanting to take the medications prescribed or not needing them every month.

Housebound or Mobility Issues?

If you are housebound or have mobility issues, with no internet access and no-one able to support you, contact your surgery as you may be eligible to order over the phone directly with your GP practice.

Ordering Online:

Patients can now register to order their repeat prescriptions online or via an app.  There are a few different platforms for online ordering but your GP practice can advise which are compatible.

Before registering you need to attend your GP practice (once) and it is best to take two forms of ID with you to gain a code to allow you to register.  (Please note the code only lasts 28 days – if not used to register in this time you’ll need to attend and attain another code).

Once registered you can order your repeat medications online, book appointments and also verify that your request has been actioned.

Ordering your own repeat prescription:

However you choose to order your repeat prescription we’d ask you to follow these good ordering guidelines to help reduce waste:

–         We recommend ordering your next repeat prescription when you have around 7 days left of your current supply.

–         Check quantities of tablets you have before ordering to avoid keeping excess stocks.

–         Try to order only the items you need that month – they’ll still be available to order next time.

–         Your GP practice needs 2-3 working days to process your prescription so make sure you order in time.

–         Make sure you allow extra time for your GP practice during bank holidays – as working days are reduced.

–         If ordering early for a specific reason (i.e. going on holiday) add a note to your request to inform your GP and avoid a delay.

–         If your community pharmacy delivers your tablets to you, ring them to inform them when you’ve ordered your repeat prescription with your GP practice, so they know.

If your medications all run out at different times or days speak with your pharmacist who can help to synchronise your medications to avoid this issue.

Electronic Prescriptions?   

The majority of prescriptions can now be sent electronically straight from GP practice to dispenser (pharmacy).  This reduces the risk of prescriptions being misplaced, stolen or lost.  We’d encourage patients to register for electronic prescriptions (EPS) with their community pharmacy.  Once registered for EPS with your community pharmacy, your prescription will be sent automatically to them once signed by your GP.  There are some medications that aren’t able to be sent electronically (Controlled Drugs) but your community pharmacy can advise you of these, if relevant, when you register with them.

Your medications and you: 

It’s very important that patients do their best to understand their medications and what they’re used for.  It really helps clinicians when they see a patient they don’t know (i.e. at A&E) if you can tell them what medications you’re prescribed and what for, as this may impact the treatment you need or can have.

If side effects, or suspected side effects, are being experienced these should be highlighted to the prescriber so that changes can be made to reduce or remove the side effects.

If medications are no-longer being used, speak to your doctor about them.  Don’t order and not take them as this can impact decisions about your future treatment.  Discuss any issues or concerns with your GP to agree a suitable treatment plan for you.

Your community pharmacy may be able to provide you with a Medicines Use Review (MUR) to discuss how you should take your medications to make sure you’re getting the most from them – ask them for more information or to request a review.

 Please remember to only order the amount of medication you need each month as this will help reduce medicines waste.

How to register for Patient Access – our online surgery service

Want to be able to book an appointment at any time of the day or night?
Want to order a repeat prescription without having to phone or visit the surgery?
Want to see your medical history at the click on a button?
You can with Patient Access – the online surgery service from Dr Maassarani & Partners.

Sign Up for Patient Access in 3 Steps


Step 1 – Getting Your Registration Codes

As the Patient Access online service is encrypted, security is of the utmost importance. Before you can register for the system, you must be issued with a unique access code from your GP practice.

We can generate your access code via the following ways:


Contact us by phone after 11am or email tower.hill@nhs.net to let us know that you would like to sign up for Patient Access.

Our friendly and helpful team will activate you on our system and you should receive a letter through the post with your unique Patient Access registration details.

At your next appointment/visiting the practice

If you have Photo ID and proof of address:

At your next appointment, let our reception team know that you would like to register for Patient Access.

Please be aware that due to the nature of medical data becoming available via Patient Access, your identity needs to be verified by our team. Please bring with you Photo ID and proof of address. If you have ID, our team will be able to print your registration details and email them to you, meaning you can register immediately.

If you don’t have Photo ID with you, not a problem. It just means you can’t register for Patient Access straight away. Once you’ve let our team know that you wish to register, a letter will be sent to you through the post with your unique Patient Access registration details.


Step 2 – Registering

Please note: Your unique registration details are only valid for 14 days so please try to register as soon as you can.

Once you have received your unique registration codes, visit www.patient-access.co.uk

Registering on a Phone

If you are viewing the website through a phone please click on create an account on the top right.

Registering on a Computer

If you are viewing on a computer or laptop, click on the green register button on the left.

Continuing the Registration

  • You will be asked if you have received a registration letter from your practice. Tick ‘yes’ (as long as you have, or you have been emailed your login details).
  • Add in your details and create a password.
  • As Patient Access contains your medical records, we advise that you create a strong password containing a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Add in your contact details and set two security questions from the chosen examples.
  • You will now be successfully registered onto the system and your User ID will be displayed. Copy and paste your User ID at this point, or you may wish to make a note of it.


Step 3 – Signing In

Now you are registered with Patient Access it is time to sign in.

  • Click on the sign in button and paste in your username (which you copied from the previous screen).
  • Add in your password and click sign in.
  • From here you can check which appointments are available with a doctor of your choice at a surgery that is convenient to you.
  • You can also order repeat prescriptions using the service (please allow 2 working days).

Please note you will be automatically signed out of the Patient Access online portal after 5 minutes of inactivity.

If you have made an appointment using Patient Access and then cannot attend your appointment time, you can easily sign in to Patient Access to cancel and reschedule your appointment.

Should you experience any difficulties in registering for Patient Access, please speak to a member of our reception team who will be able to assist you.

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Telephone System Restored!

We are pleased to announce that our telephone system has been restored and is now fully operational.
We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all patients who have been trying to get through to us via telephone either on Tuesday 2nd January and/or on Wednesday 3rd January (up until 11:45am).

If your reason of contact was to book an appointment and you have access to the internet then an alternative solution would be to do this online. For more information on how to book an appointment or order repeat prescriptions online please click here

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Telephone System is currently Down!

Our telephone system is currently down and is not allowing patients or external service providers to get through to our telephone hub.  Therefore, if your query is urgent please call 0151 244 4010 to get through to a member of our team.  This number should only be used whilst the telephone system is down; once the system is fully operational all patients will be expected to revert back to using the main number which is 0151 244 4001.

Please accept our sincere apologies, however unfortunately the matter is out of our hands and it is not something we can influence.  We will update you once the system is fully operational.

During the Christmas and New Year period

Knowsley registered patients will have access to a GP on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

To book one of these appointments please call our practice during our normal opening hours *. This service is available at the following locations and times:

  • Monday 25 December 2017: Huyton Walk-In Centre, Nutgrove Villa, Westmorland Road, Huyton L36 6GA – 9am – 6pm
  • Tuesday 26 December 2017: Huyton Walk-In Centre, Nutgrove Villa, Westmorland Road, Huyton L36 6GA, – 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday 31 December 2017: Kirkby Walk-In Centre, St Chad’s Clinic, St Chads Drive, Kirkby L32 8RE 10am – 2pm.
  • Monday 1 January 2018: Huyton Walk-In Centre, Nutgrove Villa, Westmorland Road, Huyton L36 6GA – 10am – 6pm
  • Kirkby Walk-In Centre, St Chad’s Clinic, St Chads Drive, Kirkby L32 8RE – 10am – 2pm.

* If our practice is closed and you need to see a GP on any of the three dates above, or at weekends, please call NHS 111 (telephone 111), and explain that you would wish to see a GP at one of the sites open in Knowsley.

NHS 111 can then arrange the appointment if that is the care that you require.

IMPORTANT: If you have an emergency medical need please dial 999.

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