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Become a Virtual Member

In order to ensure we are inclusive and consult with as many patients as possible, we operate a virtual member scheme.

A virtual PPG member is a patient who, for whatever reason, is unable to attend PPG meetings but wish to engage with the practice, be consulted and share their views and opinions.

Virtual PPG members will be acknowledged as a member of the Practice PPG and we currently have in excess of 100 virtual members.

Virtual PPG Members are consulted through electronical and digital means, for example email.  This allows the PPG to reach out and engage a wider diverse population including those from minority communities and those who are seldom heard.

The PPG will provides feedback from the virtual PPG members as an agenda item and ensure appropriate actions as required.

If you would like to join the PPG as a virtual member then please fill out form below 

PPG Virtual Member

PPG Virtual Member