Dr Maassarani & Partners

Towerhill Surgery, Ebony Way, Kirkby, Merseyside L33 1XT

Leadership Management Team

What is the Leadership Management Team?

The Leadership Management Team (LMT) is a team of individuals who hold senior positions within the Maassarani Group of General Practice.  The Maassarani Group of General Practice provide primary care services to 27,000 patients who are registered within the following Practices:

  • Bluebell Lane Medical Practice, The Blue Bell Centre, Huyton, L36 7XY
  • Cornerways Medical Centre, North Huyton PCRC, Huyton, L36 3TN
  • Dr Maassarani & Partners, Tower Hill PCRC, Kirkby, L33 1XT
  • Roseheath Surgery, The Halewood Centre, Halewood, L26 9UH

Who is the Leadership Management Team?

The Following individuals make up the LMT :

Dr Faisal Maassarani   Lee Panter Dr Clare Kenny
GP Partner
Director of Strategy and Business Development
GP Partner
Erika Campbell Kendra Waring Gareth Howell
Director of Operations
   Director of Primary Care
Finance Manager
Gemma Ray
Marketing & Communications Manager

What is the role of the Leadership Management Team?

The role of the LMT is to provide corporate leadership to the Maassarani Group of General Practice.   The LMT has overall responsibility to manage the organisation and provides strategic support and direction to:

  • The development of organisational aims and objectives;
  • The allocation of finances, human and other resources to achieve the aims and objectives;
  • The assessment and management of risk;
  • Clinical and ‘corporate’ governance
  • The development and monitoring of the annual business plan.