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Bereavement Service

Introducing Muriel O’Hanlon
Bereavement Patient Liaison for Dr Maassarani & Partners

Hello I am Muriel O’Hanlon and I am a patient of Dr Maassarani & Partners and have been a patient of the practice for almost 50 years.  My husband John was also a patient of the practice until he died suddenly in 2015.  John and I had been married almost 49 years and had a grown up family.

I was a full time carer for John throughout my 22 year career as a lecturer at Knowsley Community College.  Although John was ill for many years he supported me throughout my degree studies as a mature student and was proud when I graduated at the young age of 40.

When John died I found that there was no support for me in Knowsley, other than counselling, that I felt was not right for me.

Group Support

Several years ago I formed a group for people who had also lost someone (either a family member or friend) and called it ‘Life after Bereavement’.  The group runs over 12 sessions, with each session being delivered one afternoon a week.  The group offers an opportunity for people to meet others in the same position and provides patients with the much needed support for the future.  The group has been extremely successful and supported many local people.

Individual Support

Group sessions are not for everybody!  As the practice’s Bereavement Patient Liaison, I am more than happy to meet with patients on a one-to-one basis and offer a sympathetic ear.  As a person who has lost a loved one I truly understand how others feel and can offer to meet at the practice in a private setting and do my best to help you.

If you would like to attend a group session or meet up with me on a one-to-one basis then please contact Antonia on 0151 244 4595 or Antonia.keith@knowsleyccg.nhs.uk