Listen to Dr David Unwin’s Podcast – Helping patients through low-carb living

After our low carb warrior Yvonne Milton met Dr. Unwin we stumbled across his #DietDoctor podcast which we urge you to watch by clicking the link below:



Dr. Unwin was on the verge of retiring as a general practice physician in the UK. Then he found the power of low-carb nutrition and helped hundreds of patients in ways he never thought possible! As a result, he won the prestigious NHS Innovator of the Year award and was named one of the top ten most influential GPs in the UK.


Unwin continues to help patients dramatically improve their health through low-carb living. His story is an inspiration to physicians and patients alike. Dr. Unwin is leading the way to spread the message: there’s a better way to achieve health.


You can watch the podcast above or alternatively watch via Apple podcasts or other popular podcast app’s. Visit Dr. Unwin’s website directly by clicking the following link: