Sick notes

First, check that you need sick note

Employees only need a sick note (now called ‘Fit Notes’) for illnesses lasting more than seven days. This government web page explains more, and also has a link to a downloadable self-certification form.

Please don’t request sickness certification for illness lasting seven days or less.

Sickness of More Than Seven Days

If you are sick and off work for more than seven days, your employer will normally ask you to provide a medical certificate from your GP.

If the fit note is for an ongoing problem that we are already aware of please complete an admin query here.

If you need a fit note for a new medical problem you must either complete an online consultation (medical issue) or by calling the practice on 0151 902 0010, as we may need to see you face to face. To complete an online consultation for a medical issue please click here.

Do I need a ‘return to work’ note?

No. This is clearly stated on page 8 of the ‘Guidance for Employers and Line managers’ document from the government.

Notes for treatment in hospital

If you are off work for more than seven days for an illness that has been treated in hospital, either as an inpatient, an outpatient, or in A+E, then you should obtain a note from the hospital doctor responsible for your care.  Some hospital doctors are unaware of this, so we have provided a link here for government advice on this matter.

Charges For Fit Notes

There is usually no charge for providing a fit note if you are off sick for more than seven days.

Some employers may request a fit note (e.g. from employees who repeatedly take time off sick) even if they are off work for seven days or less. This is a private non-NHS medical certificate.

For sickness of seven days or less, a charge of £10 is payable in order for us to provide a certificate.

When Your Fit Note Runs Out

If your certificate runs out, but you are still sick, you will need to consult the doctor again before you can get a further certificate. Please submit an admin query here if you require an extension to your fit note.

Fit notes can be back-dated so it is not necessary to make an emergency appointment to renew your certificate.

Online Consultation (Admin Queries)

Contact our admin team with administrative queries such as sick note requests and acute medication requests, with a reply within 5 working days 

Online Consultation (Medical Issues)

For non-urgent medical issues with a reply within 10 working days.

Online Services

Order repeat prescriptions and access your GP records online via the NHS App.


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