Diabetes Expert Patient Group

Join our Diabetes Expert Patient Group today!

As a patient with diabetes registered at our practice, we would like to offer you the opportunity to learn more about your condition from clinical experts and shape the way we provide services to our patient population.

Our experience will be invaluable to you in supporting you to stay well and your experience, feedback and insights on the care that we provide will be invaluable to us.

We would like to establish a Diabetes Expert Patient Group and invite you to partner with us to enhance the services we deliver to diabetic patients.

By sharing your experiences and knowledge, you can help shape better care and support for everyone.

Click on the video below and listen to Davina, our Specialist Diabetes Nurse, inviting you to join our Expert Patient Group.

Why Join?

Make a Difference: Your feedback will directly impact the quality of diabetes care in our practice and in turn, on patient outcomes.

Community Support: Connect with fellow patients and healthcare professionals who understand your journey.

Flexible Participation: Attend meetings in person, remotely via Teams, or provide feedback without attending meetings.

Who Can Join?

Any diabetic patient (17+years) who wants to share their experiences and ideas.

Family members or carers of diabetic patients are also welcome.

How to Participate?

Face-to-Face Meetings: Join our in-person discussions in our practice

Remote Meetings: Participate via Microsoft Teams from the comfort of your home.

Feedback Only: Provide your insights and suggestions on service ideas, current service provision and patient feedback without attending meetings.

Complete the form below to express an interest in participating in the Diabetes Expert Patient Group.

When completing the form, please let us know your preferred way of participating: face-to-face meetings, remote meetings, or providing feedback only.

Together, we can continue to improve diabetic care.

Join us today!

If you are interested in joining our Diabetes Expert Patient Group, please complete this form

Diabetes Expert Patient Group (Expression of Interest)

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